Truvox Cimex Cyclone
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Truvox Cimex Cyclone

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WHAT IS THE CIMEX CYCLONE? The unique Cimex three-brush system makes these scrubber dryers simple to operate and extremely efficient. Three brushes are driven by a contra-rotating planetary drive disc, providing exceptional cleaning results even on difficult floors such as studded rubber, tiles, safety flooring and uneven floors. Not only does the 3 brush action offer unbeatable scrubbing and a deep cleaning action, it also prevents cable snagging. WHAT IS THIS MACHINE BEST SUITED FOR? Featuring a belt drive for quiet operation and non-marking wheels for a truly professional finish, the Cimex Cyclone is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Supported with an extensive range of brushes, you can cover all tasks from shampooing carpets, to scarifying and polishing hard floors.

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Truvox Cimex Cyclone
Truvox Cimex Cyclone

Product Description

  • Polishes, spray cleans and scarifies
  • Makes light work of:
    • Vinyl
    • Ceramic floors
    • Uneven surfaces
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Carpet
    • Rubber Tiles
    • Safety flooring
  • Cimex triple-brush action for great finish, increased safety and ease of use
  • Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action of grout lines, slip resistant floors and textured natural stone
  • Triple-brush action prevents cable snagging
  • Reversing brush  action extends brush life
  • Water delivered through brush centres to reduce splashing
  • Non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation
  • Belt drive for quiet operation; ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools
  • No “bloom” rings or halo effects to mar floors
  • Central motor for even brush pressure
  • Available in four sizes
  • A complete range of brushes are available for carpet shampooing, scrubbing hard floors, cleaning quarry tiles and any dimpled or uneven floor surface.

For more information about carpet cleaning with the Cimex Cyclone please ask for information on the Cimex Encap system.

Please note: All Cyclone machines require drive discs, or brushes to be completely operational. Brushes are sold per set of 3. Individual brushes are not available. Please view the accessories tab for full range. 

What is the triple brush principle?
Three small brushes are on a larger main disc. The main disc rotates in one direction, and the 3 brushes rotate in the opposite direction. Each time the machine is stopped and re-started, it reverses the direction of the rotation. This provides a better clean and ensures even wearing of the brushes, giving longer life.

Why are triple brush machines better at cleaning uneven surfaces?
The triple brush system gives a vigorous action that cleans in all directions and due to floating heads they can move in line with the floor contours.

What machines use the three brush system?
All the main Cimex from Truvox range use the three brush system: the Cyclone scrubber polishers; the Heavy Duty Scarifiers; and the Diamond Finisher.


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